bilan travels // souls of san diego

One can seldom predict where life will lead. The beauty of travel lies in the unknown, the (re)discovery and the (re)interpretation.

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A few weeks ago, my path pointed in the direction of San Diego. A city of tremendous natural beauty, home to a distinct culture yet San Diego cannot be described in a few simple words. San Diego would be nothing without its souls…to whom I thank dearly. An east coast girl who found herself in the west coast with little to no expectations, a few days later, found herself in a process of assimilation. The roaring sound of cars passing on the endless freeways, the old school hip hop blasting from a stereo at a flea market, these were all sounds to which she became accustomed. How is it that one can connect so well to a place after just a few days? It is almost as if the city was a glimpse into the life she always wanted and the person she could be. A life away from the stress-inducing environment built on the practices of the first, second, and even third person who walks passed you without any clear acknowledgment of your presence. Individualistic culture they say…but does that mean towards matters of common courtesy one must stay away? The experience would have been nothing without the souls of San Diego. To them, I say a great, “Thank you.” Quiero deciros, “Gracias.” Remember, if haters are going to hate….you know that potatoes are going to potate.


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