bilan travels // travel wishlist: buenos aires

A friend of mine recently came back from a trip to Buenos Aires. The conclusion….everyone must add it to their bucket list.

Although she was there during the World Cup finals and experienced the incredible atmosphere the competition brings, she assured me that Buenos Aires has a certain charm no matter what time of year it is. Also, considering I have never been to Latin America (studied Spanish for 8 years more or less AND studied for 4 months is Spain and have yet to go to Latin America despite its close proximity to home), I think Buenos Aires is one of the first cities I would like to visit. It will come after, of course, Costa Rica. (I’m so in love with all that I’ve seen in my research, any bloggers from or currently in Costa Rica will get an automatic follow haha). I will try to see if I can share more of her photos but here is one that REALLY caught my eye.


What places are on your travel wish list?


4 thoughts on “bilan travels // travel wishlist: buenos aires

  1. Hi, I am from Buenos Aires. It is nice to hear you want to come and see the city. That picture must have been taken many km out of the city. In the countryside. It is really quiet there compared to the city itself. You need to see that by yourself! Welcome to BA!

    1. Hola Roberto, gracias por tu comentario! Yes, her photos from the city center are gorgeous as well! My other friend and I are planning a trip to visit Buenos Aires and other cities in Argentina hopefully soon for about 2 weeks (1 week in BA). Any recommendations for what we should see in BA? Also, what is the best way to travel around Argentina? Mil gracias otra vez:)

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