my madrid // more than just ‘a relaxing cup of café con leche en plaza mayor’

“My Madrid is the path you take without Google Maps”

my madrid

my madrid is the man who worked in the local corner shop that would always make time to play his saxophone at 4:00pm.

my madrid is the endless bakeries that lure you in with their store display of napolitanas and croissants, and not to mention the trozo de tarta chocolate. If that door opens and you smell it for a second, say goodbye to that eurito.

my madrid is the woman who would sweep the sidewalk in front of the church at 8:00am every single day.

my madrid is the 70-something year old woman who responds to you politely offering your seat on the bus with, “hombreeee, gracias pero no te preocupes”. For all who don’t speak Spanish, that means essentially “Dude, thank you but don’t worry about it”

my madrid is the H&M on gran via. enough said. 994942_10151733188773845_1424745548_n

my madrid is the ‘buenos dias’ and ‘buenas’ (tardes) or ‘good morning’ and ‘good afternoon’ that you say to someone every time you enter a shop or an elevator. (Note: This is also known as common courtesy, something you don’t find too often in my hometown of New York haha)

my madrid is the tio and the tia and la gente maja

my madrid is the crowded metro at midnight

my madrid is the empty metro at 2pm

my madrid is the path you take without Google Maps

my madrid is the what you thought was the 9th stamp but is actually 10th stamp on your 10 stamp metro pass and having the bus driver count it for you ‘uno, dos, tres…nueve, diez’. Just a little embarrassing…just a little.

my madrid is the teclado en español or keyboard in spanish…where is the regular apostrophe?

my madrid is the feeling you get when your favorite Pablo Alborán song plays on the radio and the taxi driver immediately changes it to Top 100 American hits.

my madrid is learning how to ride a bike in Retiro and having all the mothers laugh. A laugh then become a smile… a smile becomes an, “Awww”.

my madrid is the Real Madrid cologne for 16.95 euros1450928_10151841179513845_907725167_n

my madrid is the Spanish-Bostonian accent

my madrid is the clave de Wee-Fee (WiFi). ¿Algo más Belén?

my madrid is the late-night billingual dinner conversation (and translation)

my madrid is the late-night WhatsApp conversation (xq es pa q entiendas jaja)

my madrid is being alone

my madrid is being together

my madrid is just being

my madrid is home


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