daily (music) inspiration // am i wrong?

“Don’t worry you’re not alone, that’s just how it feels.” So there is a 99% chance that you have already heard this song but just in case you haven’t here it is…my anthem.

Am I Wrong by Nico & Vinz

I could sit here and quote every line from the song because beneath it all, the message is universal. It speaks to everyone that has ever had a dream, anyone that has ever felt doubt, and anyone that has ever been too afraid. The Swedish duo, formed in 2009, have managed to reach audiences all over the world as this song continues to tops all the charts. With African beats and Scandinavian pop melodies, Nico & Vinz have managed to craft not only a beautiful song but an incredible video to match.

For any photographers or cinematographers out there, this is your video. The landscapes, the people, the colors, the angles, the quality…simply breathtaking. It was shot in the beautiful country of Botswana (specifically in Maun). There is nothing I love more than when music video that complements its song so well. Kudos to Nico & Vinz for all the thought they put into this single and for continuing to inspire me.

 “Am I wrong… for thinking out the box from where I stay? Am I wrong, for thinking that we could be something for real?

“Am I trippin’ for a having a vision?”

“Fight for yours and don’t let go, don’t let them compare you no”

“If you tell me I’m wrong, I don’t wanna be right.”

Side note: Fast forward for the dance breakdown at 3:11! This song is sure to put you in the right mood


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