bilan travels // the bilan doing the traveling

I figured that I’d share a little bit about the Bilan behind Bilan Travels….

Travel has been my passion since I was young. I’ve lived on 4 continents (Asia, North America, Europe, and Africa) and ever since I was 3, I’ve considered travel my greatest teacher.  One of my biggest passions is international development, it runs in my blood. It wasn’t until my decision to study marketing and the subsequent release of Humans of New York and Instagram that I realized that I could tell the story of (people and) places through photography to an enormous online community. Combining all of my interests led to the creation of this blog. After all, the world has so much to offer so there is no time to waste!


Some other random facts:

  1. Number one on my travel wish list is Somalia (always praying for peace).
  2. ¡Hablo español! (O sea, puedo entender y hablar pero no es mi lengua materna) Si alguien quiere practicar conmigo, deja un comentario abajo!)
  3. This blog was originally going to be a sports photography blog but I realized that wasn’t sustainable since I don’t have enough material for that
  4. My favorite part about travel is opening the airport doors and finally entering a new place.
  5. I can’t decide on my favorite place in the world. I think it really depends on the people that you are with or the people that you meet. That being said, I did love Barcelona, Florence and Cape Town. Of course, I’m from New York so I love going back there.
  6. The trip that had the biggest impact on me was Florence (mainly timing reasons and the sheer beauty of the Tuscan countryside)
  7. The customs officer in Jordan sang my name as he stamped my passport. Good times.
  8. My most terrifying experience was climbing Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy. Did I mention that I’m not a fan of heights? Still working on it…
  9. The city where I had the best food was London. Two words. Borough. Market.
  10. Sometimes I wish I was a super cool fashion blogger (hence the photo haha)



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