bilan travels // top 10 songs for your travels (community post)

Traveling this holiday season? Whether it is domestically or internationally, these songs should have you covered for situations you may encounter! Thank you to all who contributed their favorite travel songs, leave a comment if you have any other favorite travel songs!

Packing beforehand

*note: you may feel inclined to dance while packing

Saying goodbye to people you care about

Traveling to the airport, excited for the adventure that awaits

Waiting in the airport: 

When you can’t get that window/aisle seat you wanted 

While everyone else is sleeping on the plane/train/bus:

Finally landing/stepping off the plane, bus, train:

Specific situations while traveling:

1. Running late OR Navigating your way through a crowded/densely populated city

2. On the beach
3. Dancing the night away


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