bilan travels // travel for beginners

Made a New Year’s resolution to travel for the first time or to travel more? This one’s for you!


  1. Get yo’ passport on.

    Thinking about going internationally? Well stop everything you’re doing and get this bad boy first. Without it your dreams of traveling around the world will be just that. Dreams.

  2. Narrow down to domestic or international region (I’d recommend shorter flights or car rides for those who have never been on an airplane/road trip)

    1. Don’t know where to look for inspiration on where to go? I recommend looking at the type of music you like, the books you read, the movies you like (no sci-fi/alien movies do not mean space travel haha), the FOOD you love and even your personal style. The trip will be more enjoyable if you align your interests with the destination you choose. (e.g. Love Downton Abbey and British period-dramas? Save up and go to England! Do you love Argentinian food and dance, why not experience that there?)

  3. When do you want to go and with whom?

    You will be way more likely to actually follow through with travel plans if you have specific dates and if you have made plans with someone else. Also, if you’re working, request vacation days well in advance! This will give you more incentive to save up and go through with the trip. This isn’t to say you won’t or shouldn’t go if you don’t have both these things in place but it helps for organization purposes. Also, know what you are capable of, if you aren’t an independent person and you don’t speak any foreign languages, and you have never traveled anywhere before, it may not be the wisest decision to travel somewhere far to a remote place where they don’t speak any English. If you think you’re up for the challenge, by all means, be safe and go for it! Travel away my friend!

  4. Budget. Budget. Budget.

    What’s realistic for you? Consider shorter trips or more budget-friendly destinations if you know you don’t have a lot to spend. What I like to do is to sum up basic numbers like round-trip airfare, hotel/hostel and fees for any attractions/major areas you want to see while there on excel. Personal spending budget is the most flexible aspect and you can account for that accordingly (don’t forget the cash you will have on-hand while there!)

  5. Look at your resources!

    Have any international friends? If so, that’s great! It may be fun to plan a trip to visit them in their hometown. If not, not to worry! You can learn from locals on websites like  Like A Local Guide or on TripAdvisor forums, or even on this and other travel blogs!


Bon voyage, Buen viaje, Safe Travels!

Final Notes: Do not book flights or hotels if you cannot afford the WHOLE trip in its entirety, be safe, and have fun!


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