bilan travels // around the world in 7 songs – dance edition

Summer is here and what better way to kick it off than with a playlist of tracks from around the world! Since my last playlist, I have been getting so many requests to make another so finally I bring you a new series I’ve created called, “Around the World in 7 Songs”.

This is a special dance edition that features seven of the finest beats from West Africa to East Asia. Let me know which of these is your favorite, and what other songs you will be jamming to this summer!

1. Lean On – Major Lazer ft. MØ & DJ Snake

First up is arguably the song of the spring/summer/year. If you have not heard this song, you’re part of the select few because this dance track has topped charts across North America, Europe and even parts of Latin America. Layers of the beat build atop the unique indie vocals to make a cool, easy listen for whatever the occasion.

2. Parede – Buraka Som Sistema

If you’re familiar with Buraka Som Sistema, you know that every song they produce is fire. If you’ve never heard of the Portuguese group, you are certainly in for a treat. Each song they craft is an experience. They consistently produce some of the best beats I’ve ever heard. With techno and kuduro influences in their music, Buraka Som Sistema is, I can assure you, unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

3. Dale Pa’Tra – Rocko y Fara-On

Let me just preface this by saying I actually didn’t like this song when I first heard it, the reason being that the it is incredibly repetitive. Wait, before you skip to the next one, just hear me out! A change of heart occurred in me when I turned the song on in the hopes of cheering up my sisters by means of an impromptu dance party. Needless to say, the Dominican duo’s song was successful haha. “Dale pa’tra, pa’tra, pa’tra, pa’tra, pa’tra, pa’tra, pa’traaaa!”

4. I Am The Best – 2NE1

Okay, major confession time. My guilty pleasure is listening to Korean pop (K-Pop) and watching some Korean dramas (K-Dramas). I had a period of my life when I was obsessed with Korean culture as well. Beyond just me, millions of people like this song as evidenced by over 120 million views on YouTube, its feature on American commercials, and appearance on shows. It’s pretty catchy and 2NE1 is so entertaining!

5. You Know You Like It – DJ Snake, AlunaGeorge

I really tried to avoid putting two songs from the same artist but I had to include two songs by DJ Snake because this man is having one amazing year. This song, similar to Lean On, has an amazing beat and a female vocal, however, in this song it’s all about the beat drop. It’s not overwhelming like some other techno songs and yet it’s also just enough to have a good time with friends. “What you want? What you gonna do?”

6. Wande Coal – Rotate

While this song is about 2 years old, I heard it for the first time last year and have rediscovered it this past month. If you are looking for a feel-good song that will surely get you moving, look no further than West African music, specifically this Nigerian track. If you’ve never listened to this region’s music before, the music is mean to be effortless. When listening, your only job is to keep dancing and enjoy the melody! Don’t forget to rotate!

7. Carmen (Handsome Habibi Remix) – Stromae 

This wouldn’t be a Bilan Travels playlist without including my favorite person ever…Stromae! A new twist on his song Carmen, the Handsome Habibi remix fits in the same genre as other songs like ‘You Know You Like It’, where the beat builds until a major drop. It is a fresh, techno take on the more lyrical classic by Stromae and I hope you like it as much as I do!


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