bilan travels // costa rica chronicles – preparing for the move

Countdown 3 days until I trade in my life in the concrete jungle for one a little more pure… #puravida

Change is downright terrifying. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been traveling for years or you’ve never been outside of your small town. Change is especially scary when you are traveling by yourself to a foreign country where you sort-of speak the language and sort-of have a contact through the friend of a friend. My method for major life decisions like this is prepare, prepare, and prepare some more, but to be honest, nothing can fully prepare you to move abroad. I recently rediscovered the blog that I attempted to maintain while studying abroad in Madrid. I found one post in particular relevant to all that I’m feeling at this very moment.

Emotions are definitely more intense on a study abroad program. Nervous becomes super nervous, sad become really sad, and happy becomes overjoyed.

This most definitely applies to the past week. While I am beyond excited, I am also straight terrified y’all. There’s nothing to it but to do it, and to remind yourself of the reasons why you came in the first place. At least when I am caught in the torrential downpour, surrounded by new species of insects, I can refer back to my original reasons for moving. I kid, I kid. Sort of. Nevertheless, in no particular order, my goals are:

1. Improve my Spanish to point where I can literally open my mouth and produce grammatically correct sentences 100% of the time. (This also includes picking up all the tiquismos I can of course)


2. To experience a completely different way of living. To appreciate an entirely new culture. IMG_2577

3. Wake up every day to this and be more in touch with beautiful mother earth.


5. To face my deepest fears. Let’s do this!


6. Learn more about tourism in Costa Rica. While the influx of tourists is a great thing for the country in terms of job creation and revenue, there is definitely more to it…


Let’s see what the future has in store ladies and gents!

Until next time travel fam,



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