bilan travels // costa rica chronicles: one month update

So it’s been a while. One month since my first full day in Costa Rica to be exact.


Even if I didn’t count the days I could count the amount of time I’ve been here by the growth in my hair (I knew these braids wouldn’t last very long), the amount of bug bites (or my body’s somewhat growing resistance to certain bug bites), but most importantly by the amount of friends and people I have met thus far. I thought that before this milestone hit I would share some insight into what life has been like the first month.


I am currently sitting at a desktop computer, you heard me, a desktop computer next to some middle school kids talking about Snapchat and other forms of social media. It’s funny because although I am here doing work related to social media and marketing, I feel as if I am the most disconnected I have ever been. I can actually take time to have a cup of tea, enjoy a book on a subject that I have never even heard of, and not to mention speak with people that are so passionate and knowledgeable about all the things that surround me on the walk back to my home. In between chapters I might spot a toucanet or a coati making their way around.

It’s incredibly hard to encapsulate all that I have learned about myself and the environment in the last month but here attempt to summarize the last month:

  1. Different can be scary but different is also how we grow.  When I first arrived I was in awe. Everything was so beautiful and quiet. The songbirds and colorful plants were truly picturesque. When I first arrived, I was also terrified. Terrified of not being able to make friends but also of all that was lurking in the dark. I can handle crazy people but animals are a whole new ball game ladies and gentlemen.
  2. Some of the quietest people are also the most caring ones. People that aren’t overly expressive and loud don’t care any less just because they are quiet. There’s nothing better than making other people genuinely smile. Sometimes all it takes is an ear to listen. IMG_3028
  3. People are people. People are complex. Most people mean well. Overall, other people are just trying to figure things out just like you and I. Expecting a lot from people is not the way to go. People will have different reactions to things than you. Also, never place yourself above anyone else. Everyone is different so who is to say that you are more intelligent or better or whatever than the next person. Just keep doing you.     11181306_10153187535633845_7421655343487802366_n
  4. Embrace the difference between you and the next person. Take it as an opportunity to learn. At the end of all of it, if they still don’t like you for being you, chuck a deuces, give a buen dia, and be on your way because you shouldn’t have to apologize for where you come from or what you haven’t been exposed to. IMG_1863
  5. Not every bug is out to kill you. Some are just trying to survive and die on your floor in the process. A special shutout to you, shrimp bugs.
  6. Starting a new day is a blessing…so is black tea and honey. Every day is a chance to start fresh, a chance to get over embarrassing language mishaps of the previous day or, I guess, make new ones. Finally..Glory
  7. We are much more capable than we think. Your body is your body is your body. Love and nourish it and it will take you places, I guarantee you.



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