bilan travels // costa rica chronicles: volcan poas

The following is a list of general tips and things that I wish I had known before going to visit Volcan Poas near Alajuela, Costa Rica.


  1. Rain jacket. Always rain jacket. Also water proof pants while you’re at it.  Oh, and shoes that can endure heavy rain as well. Bring those.
  2. Get the hot chocolate in water at the shop. Even though it is from a machine and in a cup basically the size of a shot glass, it is well worth the steep price of 1,250 colones.
  3. There is a store outside of the entrance gates that sells ponchos for $2 or 1,000 colones. I think the name of the store had something to do with fresas (strawberries). If you ignore tip number one check there before going into the park where I believe the ponchos cost $7 or 3,500 colones.
  4. Go on the optional hike. It is well worth it. Even if you don’t get to see much, it’s an hour to spend with your loved ones. If they are anything like my sisters they will want to kill you for making them hike in the freezing rain but will feel so accomplished after finishing it.
  5. There is a very high chance you will not see the crater. Even on your 22nd birthday. Nope, Poas turns up for no one. Poas does what Poas wants. Nevertheless, enjoy the experience because after all, you are still some 2700 meters above sea level at a volcano…in Costa Rica. Pretty cool, huh?

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