bilan’s travel wishlist // top 5 nature escapes

Everyone loves a natural beauty.

So I’m going to be really real with all of you right now. Growing up in New York City, the closest thing connection I had to nature  was (man-made) Central Park. The changing of seasons would bring a change in the leaf color of the tree halfway up the block. You know, the one that had the, “please curb your dog” sign. Playing soccer? No, the field made of was made of fake grass so that wouldn’t count. Growing up, weekend excursions upstate weren’t really a thing either.

In recent years I have really developed a love for the natural wonders that exist on this earth. I find myself completely awestruck by natural landscapes and I wanted to share a few of my recent obsessions with you all.

1. Iceland – Sales or Sights?

The first time I had ever heard someone mention Iceland was when I was 16 in high school. A teacher of mine mentioned that she loves to go shopping in Reyjavik, the capital, because they have great sales. Thinking back on that statement, I find it really interesting because a lot of people have said it’s actually rather expensive. Nevertheless, the relatively small island boasts some incredible sights, and Icelandair, the national airline carrier, some unbelievable deals for those whose final destination is Iceland or a major city Europe.


2. Bolivia – Sunset at Salar de Uyuni

Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat. Among travelers, it is also famous for its reflective nature and therefore for all of the Instagram-worthy photo opportunities haha. Even if you aren’t one that does it for the ‘gram, bearing witness to the incredible sunset is well worth the trip. #BLESSED


3. Oregon, United States of America – Do Go Chasing Waterfalls

Though many of my posts have an international focus, I couldn’t do this post without mentioning Oregon. I have never been, nor did I know much about it before meeting a friend of mine who now resides there, but that does not take away from the fact that I am so eager to visit. There are several stunning waterfalls in Oregon and these are two that I have come across in my research, Fairy Falls and Abiqua Falls. Just magical.

4. New Zealand – More than Middle Earth

There is no doubt that New Zealand is one of the most naturally beautiful destinations in the world. I knew it as a teenager watching Lord of the Rings movies with my sisters, as I dreamed of horseback riding as an elf. Hi Legolas haha. All jokes aside, from endless pasture land to picturesque mountain ranges, New Zealand’s diverse natural landscapes ensures there is something for everyone.

5. Morocco – I Will Never Desert You

My new favorite series is Human Planet on BBC. Well technically, it isn’t new since it came out in 2011 but I discovered it a few months ago after a friend strongly recommended it. There is one episode of the documentary series entitled, “Deserts”. Let me set the scene for you all: there was a Tubu mother and her daughter, a caravan of camels, and an endless sea of sand. A visit to the Sahara desert would be an experience one would never forget.615140382_5ccf6db863_b.jpg


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