bilan travels // Moving Overseas with B: the beginning

Guess who’s back…back again.

Friends of the world, I’ve missed you dearly! So the past few months I can’t even lie have been a bit overwhelming as I prepare to move to the UK for graduate school in a few months. Between visas, finances, accommodation, and the lot, I have been busy to say the least. It dawned on me yesterday that I should document my journey to help anyone else that is intending on or interested in moving abroad. So everyone, let’s start Bilan’s comprehensive guide to moving abroad with…

Step 1: Planning, Passports, and Panic

Anyone that knows me knows that there is nothing I LOVE more than making lists…wow that sounds pretty sad now that I think about it haha. Well, no shame in the game! So in organizing the things that I need to do, I skip over the part about having a passport because mine expires in 2020 so I’m good! Girllll, before you get to excited, hold on….

…you have no more empty pages in your passport! 
IMG_1086 (1)

” Just let it go, just let it be” – James Bay

For the Tier 4 UK visa, it is required to submit your passport with a full empty page back and front for your visa. I realize that this is a good problem to have but it also means that I now have to:

1. Retake my photo

2. Submit a renewal application (*As of 1 January 2016, adding pages is no longer an option*)


3. Wait 3 (~$220) or 6 (~$110) weeks depending on if I pay the fee to expedite it or not

This is super important to remember guys and gals because it can stall the visa application process (which also takes 3 weeks). For the visa, you can only submit it less than 3 months before your date of departure. It also requires proof of funds and if you are applying for a partial loan from the US Government like myself, you need to wait another few weeks for the approval and official letter. So this means that I will be cutting it close (factoring in time for anything to go wrong).

After two attempts at a passport photo…

FullSizeRender (21).jpg

Unacceptable (yet still fabulous haha) vs. Acceptable

…the application is in and the waiting begins!



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