bilan travels // #LondonLife: the first month

So, the title is a bit misleading because it’s actually been a month and a week since I arrived in London town… a lot has happened in the past month that I must catch you up on! Where to begin?

Hi friends, it’s been a while

Hmm, I guess I could start by telling you that I now wholeheartedly understand the excitement of Londoners when the morning skies are actually blue and not a variation of dull grey. I could talk about the stereotype of London being always rainy and how it is in fact true. I could also tell you how happy I am that it has given me an opportunity to wear fashionable boots all day every day haha. #fallfashionftw

Beyond the weather, I could talk to you about the people. I could tell you how beautifully multicultural London is how this translates into amazing food. I could tell you how said food has depleted my bank account more than anything else.  I could tell you how everyone works in London but barely anyone actually lives in Central London. I could attempt to describe to you how distinctly different the various neighborhoods of London are and how each of them have so much character and history. I could also tell you to stay tuned because every week I am going to be exploring cafés in different areas of London!

I could talk so much about how weird it feels to encounter other Somali people everywhere…and I mean everywhere. I could summarize and say that although there are so many Somali people here, none seem to think I’m actually Somali…🤔



I could make the comparison of bustling London to my hometown of New York City. I could talk about how much cleaner and overall better the underground train services are in London than New York. I could talk about how street harassment is way less in London than in New York and how much more at ease that makes me feel walking down the narrow cobbled streets. I could tell you how much more people value order in London as demonstrated by their willingness to queue/line up. I could tell you how although London seems a million times more expensive than New York, there are a lot less homeless people on the streets. I could also tell you how I’ve realized that although New York is flawed in many ways, there is an undeniable and unmatched sense of individuality and vibrancy that exists in New York. I could tell you how this has led to me feel a bit homesick and how being far away from family and friends has been especially difficult in light of everything that has happened over the past month.


I could end on a more positive note and tell you how thankful I am to be given the opportunity to study something I truly love in an international city like London. I could give a shoutout to all of the amazing souls I have met thus far that have made the transition that much easier. I guess I will just tell you that all in all, my first month in London has been pretty dope.



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